A set for transferring the house into stand-alone mode.

The kit uses 100% renewable energy and allows you to abandon the central electricity and water supply, and also to heat or cool the house, depending on the time of year, without using additional sources of energy (gas, diesel fuel, firewood, etc.).


Assembly production and the main office of the project are located in France and are oriented to the market of Western Europe.

Digital Bonds:

The Maison token uses the Bitcoin blockcain system. 1 Maison = 1 Bitcoin. Emission is limited to 2000 tokens.


20% of net profit will be accrued at the end of the year on the sold tokens.

To store digital bonds, use the wallet:

Coinprism (For phone).

Coinprism  (For computer).

Bitcoin address:  13mYCUagvXAzysa4wfW5v9kS2mjLqzu1ac


Maison address: akDjRSeQ2Q14gr7jRzHcGa1f1NNuWnMHEYa